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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

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Top three reasons to attend this LIVESTREAM:

  • You'll discover two of the most important tips to know for having any conversation with a potential client.
  • You'll find out what you're probably not doing when you talk with prospects.
  • You'll discover the steps that you must ABSOLUTELY take to sign high-paying customers and the strategies that will make getting to YES far easier than you every thought!

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What's stopping you?

You want to have more clients?

Increase your Income?

It can be easier than you think. That's right. It's really about learning a repeatable step-by-step process for signing clients who are not only your ideal clients, but who are also eager to pay the cost of investing in working with YOU!

So, here’s why we shouldn’t be at all surprised when prospects have such a strong and positive reaction to having the discussion you’ll want to have with them. You see, it’s about breaking the code that dashes the anxieties of having to sell and instead replaces those anxieties with a simple system that allows for you to build a trusting, authentic relationship with your potential clients. And breaking this code, using this system WILL result, more often than we ever expected before, in a YES to our offers.

Let’s take a step to the side for a second. Take a look, an honest look at how you engage with people that you believe could be, or actually are, your perfect client.  After speaking with them, how many do become clients?

If you are like most entrepreneurs just starting out or trying to get to that next level of business, the answer is ‘not enough.’ Oh, you might be able to point to some other factors causing you to fail at gaining enough clients, and especially the ones that will pay you what you are worth. But let me tell you, it’s not that your business needs to be rebranded or your website upgraded or the fact that your list is too small. It’s not even that you haven’t spent enough time, energy and money on marketing!


It all comes down to how you speak to your prospects in that all-important one-on-one conversation that you have in order to move them to work with you.

This is the MAKE or BREAK part of your sales effort and this is why you need to know how to BREAK THE CODE and get on to the business of converting your prospects into clients.

You've got this, you say? Well, may I ask you something?

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Do you get nervous as the clock ticks toward the call you're about to have with a prospective client?

small step bullet for OP lists

Do you feel uncomfortable starting the and getting around to the business that you both know you're there to talk about?Nervous Wreck

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Does the conversation lag at points or go in an unexpected direction, maybe so much so that you’re left wondering how to get it back on track?

small step bullet for OP lists

Do you stumble or fumble during key points in the conversation, especially  when you are telling them about your offer or, worse, when you talk about your fees?

small step bullet for OP lists

Are you unsure how to end the conversation, especially when the other person is just not sure what to do with your offer – and now you're not sure what to do either.

It doesn't have to be this way. 

I know. I know because just last year I could answer each of these questions with a resounding 'yes.'

And my results? Usually, no new client. Yes, people were happy to have spoken with me and thanked me for the insights, and one or two actually said they would be back in touch. But, the end result was the same ... no new client.

Let me tell you where I was at.

Booth Picture - PA Conf for Women #5After a year of working with two coaches and being in a larger group program, investing many hours in networking and thousands of dollars in major event sponsorships, I had only 1 paying client.

Oh, I was talking to prospects but people just were not understanding what I had to offer them, how it could make a huge difference to their business, and why it was worth the investment cost I was asking.

I was at a point of desperation to bring in money.

I took that hard look I asked you to just above, i.e. how did I actually engage with potential clients, and discovered that this really was the issue. 

I had an issue converting leads to clients and asking what I believed my services were worth.

I took my own advice and invested in some expert coaching (which can be scary when you’re depleting your savings or running up a credit cards). I learned to look at this part of my marketing not as a sales conversation but as an enrollment discussion and that was how I broke the code that transformed  what was a ‘break’ point in my business into a ‘make’ point.

I had learned how to climb and drop over what I thought of as my big, unscalable ‘ask’ wall!Orange Arrow Over Wall Means Overcome Obstacles

Knowing how to start, move through and gracefully end the one-on-one conversion conversations I was having was undoubtedly the greatest confidence boost and biggest factor in the turnaround of my business.

Once I cracked the code on how to get that ‘YES’ from a potential client, I was on my way. It’s second nature to me now and I can easily drop into the process whenever I get the chance to speak with someone who just might be my next client.


Join me on April 1 for

You Had Me at Hello: 6 Steps to Move Prospects from Conversation to Conversion

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privacy We value your privacy and would never intentionally pass along your contact information.

Begin the journey that will radically alter your way of doing business.


  • No longer view talking with prospects as a necessary evil, but instead as THE opportunity to help yet another person.

  • Step into your value and confidently manage the conversation from beginning to end.

  • Better understand how to inspire clients to believe that you can indeed change their lives.

  • Avoid the feeling of dread when you state your fees and finding yourself sliding the fee scale down just to get the business.

  • Learn how to convince clients that your fees are WELL WORTH IT and finish the conversation with a flourish.


I've said a lot. Let me say something important right here. 

It’s not that you aren’t already doing some amazing things to move your business forward. I know that you are. 

But the truth is that you can spend tons of time and money trying to get in front of the right people, at the right time and in the right way and still not see the number of high paying clients that you want.

Until you inspire prospective clients that working with you will provide them the transformation that they seek, you won’t move the clients you want and you certainly won’t move the income meter up and up. 

And this is why I want to share with you my 6-step process for moving prospects through to conversion in that all important one-on-one conversation.

And why shouldn’t I have been surprised by such a positive reaction to this information?  I wasn’t because I broke the code and now it’s “second nature” to me whenever I get the chance to speak with someone who just might be my next client. 

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